Party dress

Tonight 'm going to a party at the thaeter I work at. Thought I'd would wear this sequin dress. It's just been hanging in my closet for a long time, never worn it, so tonight's gonna be.


My New Shoe House

Finally I've got this new shoe rack. Not all my pairs of shoes could fit into the old plate shelf that I'm using as a shoe rack, so for a long time a lot of my shoes was lying all around my bedroom floor getting all dusty. I'm so happy finally beeing all organized. Ha! I'm like a little girl getting a new doll house.


Home again

Thursday evening I returned home from Stockholm. It has been a great trip, but it was soooo good being home again - and my boyfriend had bought me these earrings (best boyfriend ever!)!

Earrings - Carré



Wearing black as always.

Knit from Monki, skirt and stockings from H&M, shoes from Opening Ceremony, necklace from Pico and vintage rings.

This summer's greatest accessory... a chain to keep the sunglasses in place! I found this one in Weekday, about 120 SEK... The sunglasses are from Marc Jacobs...


Sporting my maxi dress...

Went out for some spring shopping yesterday. I think this outfit might become a classic, It's very comfortable and at the same time fashionable = I like it!!!

Leather jacket - Naf Naf
Bag - Mulberry
Dress - H&M trend
Silk Blouse - Second hand
Knitted Scarf - Home made

Party Weekend

Had such a lovely weekend. Been partying since thursday and meet so many great people. Tried out my new shoes, 15 cm, and they're actually comfortable. Now time for a powernap...


Just can't get enough...

Loving my new boots! I just can't get enough shoes and these are my latest buy. Well actually there's one more pair, I'll show you soon.


Happy Sunny Birthday!!!

Today's my birthday and I've been celebrating eating lunch with a good friend in the sun. My cheeks are all red, I kinda look like a tomato after sitting in the sun all day. The sun must have been my greatest birthday present, what more could I ask for?! Afterwards I had dinner at my favourite restaurant with my family and I've received so many wonderdul presents.

My parents gave me these beautiful vintage silver rings. They're exactly what I've been looking for!

My friend she gave me this necklace. I absolutely love it. I actually got a golden bracelet in the same style and I wear it almost every day. This will now be my new everyday item:-)

And my parents also gave me this vintage leather bag. I really must say they've been very good at finding exactly the things I wished for.


Latest buy!

Yesterday I bought this turban - I love it, and I hope I'll have the guts to wear it often!!! The ring is also new, love the simplicity...

Turban - Hattbaren (Stockholm)
Ring - (?? don't remember the name of the store (shame on me))


passing by!

Saw this jacket as I quickly passed by the Weekday store today, didn't see the price unfortunately, but I (still) love the biker inspiration plus the fringes!
Life passes by here in Stockholm. I spend my days at the hospital where I have my internship, and when I get home at night I'm so tired - it's crazy!!! There are so many great second hand stores here, love spending my afternoons searching for exactly the right item!
Have fun!



My friend bought this belt today, it's beautiful, the metal part is shaped as a shell, and lucky as I am she let me borrow it! Today I went to a café after work - had a great cappuccino with two of my friends. Spring is arriving soon - I can feel it!

Cardigan - DAY
Shirt underneath - Monki
Belt - Rodebjer
Pants - Designers remix collection

Paris - my turn!

Leaving for Paris tomorrow morning. Have to get up very early to reach my flight at 7 am. God! It's early... I'm gonna visit our label in Paris, where taking some bandphotos for the album cover and Saturday night where playing at Club Scopitine. I will try to take a lot of inspiring pics while I'm gone. See ya!

Just found this photo from my last trip to Paris. And fortunately Paris is not just a dream... It's reality:-)


Purple I Am

Today my outfit is inspired of the red outfit I posted about a few days ago, but instead of red I went all purple. I think it's such a lovely spring colour and I desperately need to spice up my very black outfits.

Trousers from Wood Wood, vintage shirt and shoes from Zara.


Stockholm state of mind

Stockholm is a great place for shopping, and when I'm done at the hospital I usually take a walk through one of the shopping districts... Today I found a wonderful silk shirt at a second hand shop, I also found a beautiful necklace the same place! Of course my round ended at H&M where I found a nice sheer top...

Other than that - I sooo agree to Anonymy's last theme - Alcohol must disappear - It's been a very rough weekend for me after staying out till 7 o'clock in the morning Friday night, too late and too drunk!


New In - Alco Out

As I wasn't able to get up and leave my couch yesterday I didn't get to check my mailbox, so today I found my new Asos tee that I ordered a few weeks ago. I've been at an Easter lunch all day and ate so much, so this oversize tee was just the perfect choice of outfit.

Hello Mr. Wang

I love this bag - and it's not that expensive, maybe I should follow Anonymy's example and do some internet-shopping - what do you think? You can buy it here...


Day After Drunk... Yet Again

Today I'm having a terrible hangover. Yesterday I went out and I had such a great evening, came home 6.30 in the morning. I had wine and dinner at my friends place and after we danced all night at different clubs in town. I met a lot of friends and I was completely drunk and in a very good mood. I regret that I didn't take a photo of my outfit and make-up. I was trying out some kind of black version of the 70's boheme look with a long dress and tons of black eyeliner and mascara.
So today I've been lying all day at my coutch and did a lot of internet shopping. That's what happens when you're stuck at home all alone and not being able to do anything but surfing the internet and watch TV. I can't wait for my new purchases to be delivered and I will show you what I bought by then. Two pairs of shoes... I'm a freak! Shoefreak!


Lady in red

I would love to wear this red outfit tonight when I'm going to an Easter party. The shirt and the pants are from the London brand Jeager which I think has made an amazing collection this season.

(Photo from


Acne shoes

Elin Kling posted this picture of these Acne shoes, I loooove the detail with the crystal underneath the shoe, it's delicate, not overdone - just the way fashion should be in my mind. I love discovering details in peoples clothes!
Stockholm is busy, I spend all day at the hospital and I'm so tired from learning when I get home in the evening that, sadly, fashion is the last thing on my mind... Today I went to Acne Archives - a shop selling out from old Acne collections, they had lots of fine stuff, but nothing I really wanted to buy. But I'm sure I will return there soon, I have something special on my mind that I want to get my hands on...


If I had a million...

I would hurry to go and get these things from

Bag from Alexander Wang, dress from Kova and T, necklace from Pippa Small, shoes from Miu Miu, wallet from Bottega Veneta and body from La Perla.


Almost Easter

Just wanted to check in and show you a combination of fashion and Easter i Stockholm. The blouse is my friend's - she bought it (guess where???) - a couple of days ago (you guessed right - H&M) and I'm loving it! The black dress is a maxi-dress I bought a couple of days ago - same place - just wanted to show you the details on the front of the dress - I love frills!
Have a nice evening!


To buy or not to buy

I really can't decide whether I should buy these black ankle boots from! Cause I want all four pairs, but even though their all really cheap I can't afford to buy them all. But oh my God, I love the purple ones too and both wedges are perfect for summer. Which pair do you think I should buy?