Turban Time!

- Vintage turban
- Broche is a present from my mom
- Black dress is home made

Crazy times at home with my new vintage turban spiced up with some old jewelry!
Now the weekend is almost over, so sad but true. Mondays are the worst days, you never know what to wear and you're always wasted from being up early... haha!



Surrounded by animals! Wild days seems even wilder wearing wild animal patterns...

Vintage leopard cardigan, zebra shirt from Zara and snake leggings from Vero Moda.

New day - old dress

I simply love this dress, the smoothest silk, the most wonderful print - and crazy shoulders!!!

Stine Goya Night and Day dress


At home

Last winter I dreamed about wearing this coat but unfortunately it was too expensive at that time. Of course I was about to buy it anyway. Luckily I've found it this autumn at 1/6 the price! Too bad it's still too cold to wear it outside. Springtime, I'm looking forward to see you soon! Tonight I'm at home preparing everything for the shootings tomorrow. My dad came by and brought me dinner. He's so great!

Black coat from Vibskov, leggings from H&M and grey top from Monki.


Stopped by the Weekday store on my way home today - arrhh shouldn't have done that, ended up buying three things, a blue dress, a black dress and a simple grey t-shirt - oh shopping does feel good!!!
Looking forward to the weekend, unfortunately I've got a lot of university associated projects going on, and the weekend will be spent in my livingroom studying for my next exam - pharmacology! uuh!


Something kitsch

Just got home from work, had a busy day. This weekend I'm shooting a musicvideo with my band, so everything has to be planned and organized before we'll start the shootings early Saturday morning. Meetings with make-up artists, stylist, choreographer, director and you name it. Been booked all week, but really looking forward to see the results when it's all finished. Yeah, yeah! All this focus on style and make-up made me go a bit crazy and I really felt like wearing something kitsch. Today I wore this oversized t-shirt from Weekday, vintage multicoloured sequin jacket and scarf from Indiska.

oooooff day

Really not that fashionable, I admit, but very comfortable - and at least colourful - that must be good?
Red converse, black tights and the red cardigan I also wore on some of the very first pictures I posted!
Today has been a great day, classes at the university, coffee date with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time and this evening my boyfriend and I had some friends over for dinner - we cooked delicious risotto - uhm!!!!


Day of Red Leather Gloves

Today's been weird. Woke up at 3 a.m., went to the airport to say goodbye to my boyfriend, weepy and tired, went back home to get a few hours of sleep and then yet another school day. Had dinner at my friends place, which was the most incredible homecooking I've experienced as long as I remember. Now I'm on my way to bed. Missing my BF. So goodnight.

Black dress from Won Hundred, knit cardigan from Vila and red leather gloves from Imoni.

Elevator picture

On my way to school, the shirt I bought the other day in action.
Leather jacket - thelin
Tights - ooooold :-)
Cardigan - day
Scarf - home knitted

Have a lovely day!!!!


Time To Play

Just been out playing in the snow with my boyfriend. Tonight we're having champagne and sushi for dinner. He will leave tomorrow morning and I won't be seeing him for four months. It's so sad and I'm gonna miss him like... !!!

Black coat from Won Hundred, grey cardigan from Minimum, black dress from Vero Moda, grey top from Monki and boots from Vagabond.


Oh father I have sinned!

I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more clothes before I god my salary, but apparantly the things I promise myself don't last long, :-)
Today I bought this "sweatshirt" from H&M with see-through sleeves - I love it!
I'm thinking of wearing it with a huge necklace and tights as a dress, or as a sweatshirt when I don't really know what to wear - do you feel like that every morning too?


A walk in the snow

Today the sun was shining and the sky was the most beautiful blue colour. I decided to take a long walk with my camera and got these beautiful shots from the beach!
The first picture is to show you my lovely legwarmers - they're fair trade and keep my legs and feet warm in the cold months. The tights are from H&M and so are the boots.


Just got home from workout, writing on the lyrics for a new song that I'm doing with some german guys. The song and their music in general has a kind of ambient vibe wich I like and it fits my mood just perfect on this Sunday. At the moment I study as well, so Sunday is very often the time where I can get to work on my music.

Blazer from Stærk, t-shirt from Monki, skirt from Topshop and boots from Vagabond