If I had a million...

I would hurry to go and get these things from

Bag from Alexander Wang, dress from Kova and T, necklace from Pippa Small, shoes from Miu Miu, wallet from Bottega Veneta and body from La Perla.


Almost Easter

Just wanted to check in and show you a combination of fashion and Easter i Stockholm. The blouse is my friend's - she bought it (guess where???) - a couple of days ago (you guessed right - H&M) and I'm loving it! The black dress is a maxi-dress I bought a couple of days ago - same place - just wanted to show you the details on the front of the dress - I love frills!
Have a nice evening!


To buy or not to buy

I really can't decide whether I should buy these black ankle boots from! Cause I want all four pairs, but even though their all really cheap I can't afford to buy them all. But oh my God, I love the purple ones too and both wedges are perfect for summer. Which pair do you think I should buy?

Maxi dress...

Now I'm in Stockholm. I am going to stay here for a month working as an intern at two different hospitals. I am really looking forward to it, it's going to be a huge challenge! In hospitals as you know uniforms rule everything, so I'll really have to dress up real bad in my free time. Which brings me to this picture taken from Stockholm Street Style. I love the way the t-shirt is tucked inside the long skirt and the outfit is made casual with the grey cardigan...
Sleep tight!


Pink Vs Blue

Shirt from H&M, blue scarf from Marc Jacobs, pink scarf from Indiska
and shoes from Zara.



Tomorrow I am flying to Stockholm! I am going to stay there for a month, so tonight I am having a goodbye dinner with my parents. My mom has decided that I'm the dessert-manager in our family so my role tonight was to make a dessert. I know this is not a cooking blog, but in a way food can be very beautiful and I always find it hard to resist taking pictures of the things that I eat.
Here are some pictures of the Tiramisu that I made today!



Love the ASOS Africa collection - 6 different dresses and they all come in more colors. I would really like these 4 styles, I especially love the purple and green one with Balenciaga inspired power shoulders ,but I'm afraid I can't afford them all. And for some reason I don't know I only buy black clothes at the moment even though spring has finally arrived. So I ended up buying the black one in the photo below.
You can buy the Africa collection here.

Back from Paris

Hello again... now I'm back from Paris, the internet connection was horrible, even my iPhone struggled, so I owe you some updates...
In Paris "the garden collection" from H&M was released earlier than in the rest of Europe, so I had a chance to buy two dresses - and I love them.
The watch was a present from my dad, I love the grey simplicity!

Watch - Swatch
Cardigan - my moms from Benetton
Dress - H&M



Todays outfit - It's a bit inspired of the 70's. I love the color of this red coat which I've borrowed from my friend.

Coat from MaxMara, dress from H&M and vintage necklace.


I want the Danys too!

But they're completely sold out everywhere. I promise I would even wear them to school if I could have a pair. Guess I'm not that lucky. Would Jessica Simpson please let me know when they're back in stock? Thanks.

(Photo from

Paris: deuxieme jour

Still in Paris, today we went to a fantastic gallery: 'Palais de Tokyo'. I can really recommend it if you like contemporary art, there is also a great restaurant there. I bought a notebook at the galleryshop and later I found a nice and simple bracelet at COS. Kisses from Paris!


The internet connection at our hotel is really bad, so not a lot of blogging, sadly... just wanted to show you my latest purchase.

Leather jacket 100 euro at Naf Naf



Outside the university in a break between math lessons. I've been living in this poncho all winter and I'm still wearing it under my coat. I can't take it off! Not until summer arrives...

Poncho from Minimum, shirt from Zara and boots from Opening Ceremony


Black and White

Some photos of my outfits from the past week. Very black and white, I can see that now. Guess spring colors haven't gone my way yet. I'm sure the weather's starting to get better here where I live and then I'll try to do some outdoor poses instead. It will make the quality of the photos much better.

From left above: 1. Knit blouse from Chloe, pants and necklace from H&M and shoes from Patrizia Pepe. 2. Silk shirt from H&M, over-knee socks from Asos and boots from Zara. 3. Dress from Flying. 4. Coat from Fornebo, cardigan from Mango, pants from H&M and boots from Vagabond.


Can't live without...

My new purchases. At the moment I love the look of oversized silk shirts and for a while I've been looking for a black one. I found this one in H&M yesterday and it's exactly what I wanted. I can almost wear it as a dress but I think it'll look better with a pair of leggings. I wore it yesterday and I will show you my outfit later.

I just ran out of my two favourite beauty products so I hurried to get some new ones. I can't live without this leave-in conditioner from Redken wich makes my hair smooth and shiny. In fact I use this body lotion from Origin Organics as my facial cream. I care much about organic products and the texture and flavor of this one is incredible and to good to use it only on your body.



Finally "The Garden Collection" is online, although many of the best things are already gone.
You can find it here!
In just a few hours I will be heading for my exam, for the first time ever the university has placed an exam from 1.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. - great (eh hem!!)
See you!


After tomorrow life begins!

Tomorrow I'll be spending my afternoon writing loads of pharmacology-crap at my exam, and after that my posts will be a bit more interesting - I promise!
I'm going to Paris Monday morning, so I promise to show you pictures - especially fashion-wise!
See you on the other side!
P.S I got my shoes - now they're the right size :-)